83-year-old grandmother distracted, then robbed while shopping

An 83-year-old grandmother who did not want to use her name said she was distracted, and then robbed while shopping at Hobby Lobby on Scenic Highway Thursday.

“That’s what frightens me, that they really knew what they were doing,” said the grandmother.

The 83-year-old said she was in the greeting card aisle and a woman struck up what she thought was a friendly conversation.

“She called my attention to a card kind of low down to the ground, to the floor and I bent over to look at it,” said the grandmother who added that her purse was in her basket.

The grandmother said she noticed there were other people in the aisle too, but thought nothing of it until she went to pay and her wallet was gone.

After searching her purse and car and retracing her steps, her husband called the credit card company and learned the thieves had hit seven locations within hours, including Hobby Lobby while she was still there.

Snellville Police said they are investigating the use of the grandmother’s card at Belk’s and Kohl’s on Scenic Highway.

The grandmother said the thieves also used her card at Burlington Coat Factory on Highway 78 and drove to three other locations before the card was declined in Decatur.  The grandmother said the thieves racked up about $600 in charges.

“I was just devastated because I have never had anyone do that, invade my thinking like that and talk nice to me and then turn around and do something that bad,” said the grandmother.

Shoppers were disappointed to learn something like this happened, let alone to an 83-year-old grandmother.

“It’s really sad that people would take advantage of elderly people like that,” said Savannah McElroi.

This grandmother said she just hopes the crooks are caught soon.

“I just hope that they’re stopped and this doesn't happen, that they do not keep on doing this,” said the grandmother.

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