81-year-old becomes Georgia Gwinnett College's oldest graduate

They say it's never too late to go back to school, and one great-grandfather proved it.

Prescott Lawrence, 81, believes knowledge is power and has earned a degree in business administration, with a concentration in management information systems.

Lawrence says he's always been a believer in learning to keep the mind sharp, so that's one main reason he decided to go back to school. He says he was enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College for about 10 years before finally earning his degree. In between that time he's worked, traveled, and spent time with family. 

While he was learning, he was also teaching. Prescott says he was often asked by some of his instructors to teach the importance of saving for retirement. He says he spoke in some of his classes and did just that. 

Prescott calls himself the "Senior, Senior" and encourages anyone young and old to find something they love, and go and learn more about it.