8 children, 2 adults sent to hospital after carbon monoxide leak

They were scary moments at a kids birthday party in Coweta County when nine children and two adults start feeling faint, and complaining of headaches.

According to firefighters, they were all exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from the gaming truck that the parents rented.

When firefighters arrived all of the children were already out of the truck and inside the home, but because there were so many children they had to call for mutual aid.

The birthday party at a Sharpsburg home ended early after children inside a gaming truck were exposed to carbon monoxide.

"The kids were in the trailer playing the games, didn't realize this gas was going on because you can't smell or taste it or anything like that. So it started to affect their awareness of conscience," said Coweta County Fire Commander Robby Flanagan.

Flanagan says the children were in the truck for about an hour and a half when the first child showed signs.

"Once the crew that was there with the gaming trailer saw one of the kids faint a little but, they caught them and brought the kids inside," said Flanagan.

He says at first parents thought it was heat exhaustion

"They went outside, AC was working fine and then they started to narrow down it was possibly c-o poisoning," said Flanagan.

They called 911. When firefighters arrived, 8 children and two adults all showed signs of C-O poisoning. Peachtree City Fire sent two ambulances to help. EMTs took the children to Atlanta hospitals. Flanagan says it's good they children weren't in the trailer longer

"Very lucky," said Flanagan. "The longer you stay in that atmosphere, the longer it takes to pull that carbon monoxide off the blood itself."

All of the children have been treated and released from the hospitals, according to police.