600 students receive brand-new shoes from Mercedes-Benz, Shoes That Fit

In a heartwarming collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and the nonprofit organization Shoes That Fit, over 600 students at Hollis Innovation Academy in Atlanta received a special gift this holiday season – brand-new shoes.

On Tuesday, the entire student body of more than 600 students eagerly anticipated a visit to "wonderland" where they not only had the chance to meet Santa Claus but also to receive their fresh pairs of sneakers. Cameron Byrd, a student at Hollis Innovation Academy, expressed the excitement shared by many, stating, "Today, we went to wonderland, and we're going to get shoes."

The initiative is part of Shoes That Fit's broader mission to support the holistic well-being of children. A representative from the nonprofit emphasized, "We're really helping the whole child... it helps with attendance, self-esteem." The belief is that providing a child with a new pair of shoes goes beyond just the physical item; it contributes to their overall confidence and engagement in school.

Months of meticulous preparation by teachers and administrators went into ensuring that each student received the perfect fit. 

The students not only left school with a new pair of shoes but also had the chance to interact with special guests, including Atlanta Falcons player Grady Jarrett. 

"They'll remember this for the rest of their lives. Small to some, big to them," Jarrett said. 

As the children enthusiastically high-fived with Freddy Falcon, the significance of the gesture wasn't lost on them. It was not just about the joy of early holiday celebrations or the sporty "twist" that accompanied the event; it was about gratitude. These students are now heading home with something to call their own, a tangible symbol of care and kindness during this festive season.