60 dogs rescued from Ga. puppy mill

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Dozens of animals with severe matting and serious medical conditions are being cared for around the clock at the Atlanta Humane Society after deputies said they were rescued from a puppy mill. 

60 animals were taken out of a home in Webster County, in which investigators said the Yorkshire Terrier and Havanese breed dogs were forced to sit in their filth in cages. One dog was found dead. 

Seventy-one-year-old Glenda Albritton was arrested on a felony charge of Aggravated Cruelty To Animals and a misdemeanor charge of Cruelty To Animals. Albritton was given a $65,000 bond, which deputies said she posted. 

Deputies said Albritton had an expired breeding license, stopped breeding the dogs but continued to keep them in inhumane conditions. 

Forty of puppies and adults were taken to the Mansell campus of the Atlanta Humane Society in Alpharetta.  

Groomers have spent up to three hours taking care of each individual dog. Matting and hair tangles built up over years inhibit the dogs from moving their legs, tail or neck. 

Other severe health issues include rotted teeth, "cherry eye" and heartworms. Staff tells FOX 5 the cost of treatment for the 40 animals is upwards of $20,000.  

Twenty other dogs were taken to the Veterinary Hospital at Oakland in Lee County, in conjunction with the Terrell County Animal Control and the Terrell County Humane Society. 

Both the Atlanta Humane Society and the Veterinary Hospital at Oakland ask for donations to offset the medical expenses for all treatment and medicine. 

The Atlanta Humane Society accepts donations through their website.

The Veterinary Hospital at Oakland can be reached at (229) 431-9501.