6 arrested for stealing from cars in Canton

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Canton Police arrested six people for stealing from cars in neighborhoods Friday night and early Monday morning.  

Police say the thefts happened in the River Green and Great Sky subdivisions. Curtis Stark looked out his door before dawn Monday morning and say she saw something suspicious.

"I saw a dark sedan with the trunk opening, going real slow down the street, and these guys jogging behind it and going to each of the houses," said Stark. 

Stark called 911, as he watched the strangers flipping car door handles and rummaging through the open ones. 

A neighbor's home surveillance caught video outside their front door. The video shows a man point what appears to be a gun toward the front door. 

"Break into my car and steal my stuff, that's one thing,  it's an inconvenience. The fact you have a gun aimed at my front door, that just changed everything for me," said the neighbor.

Around the same time, crooks smashed their way into Ed Hottenstein's truck. They took a backpack and computer, but that's not what worries him. 

"Seeing that kid with the gun and turn and point... makes you worry," said Hottenstein.

Canton Police had been on alert after the thefts Friday.  When Police caught up with the crew, they found 4 guns and electronics in the car.

They arrested six people, four teens and two juveniles. All are from the Atlanta area. Police say they made their way 40 miles north to Canton to commit their crimes. 

Investigators believe they're responsible for dozens and dozens of thefts in Canton, and are now checking with other jurisdictions to see if they've committed similar crimes in other cities.