52 weeks of savings

It's not the new year if we're not talking about fresh starts. And here's an easy way to save called "52 Weeks of Savings." And get this, it gets easier each week.

This is how you do it. Create a calendar or some place to tally numbers. Now, get a jar, envelope or maybe a drawer where you will save cash but not dip into it.

Now, list all 52 weeks in ascending order. Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. Next to each week put a savings amount starting with $52 then go down. 

It'll look like this.

Week 1 - $52

Week 2 - $51

Week 4 - $50

These are your saving amounts for each week until the end of the year. By week 52, it's an easy $1. Remember, you've set that money aside so that by December you have saved a whopping $1,378. 

Is it a windfall? No. Is it gimmicky? Yes. But, you've spiced up savings that'll go to vacation or holiday shopping.