5-year-old becomes deputy for Butts County

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There's a shake up at the Butts County Sheriff's Office now that there's a new sheriff in town. He's only five-years-old, but he's making his rounds, detaining several people Friday night at a football game.

Well when you meet Deputy Kyle, all you see is this bright light. His personality is hilarious, and you would never know this little boy has a prosthetic leg.

It doesn't slow him down a bit. His mom tells me he's always wanted to be a deputy. Friday night he told that to the sheriff who made this boys dream come true.

"They said how did you get to be a deputy. They also called me a police officer but I said I'm not the police, I'm the sheriff," said Kyle.

So how did Kyle get to become a deputy?  Sheriff Gary Long says it all happened at a football game. The two talked for about an hour. And before you knew it, Kyle was at the Sheriff's office getting sworn in.

At the elementary school, he showed me how he searches suspect, this suspect, the school's superintendent.

"I found something"

Kyle emptied Superintendent, Robert Costley's pockets, and even found something he wanted to keep.

"Kyle we can't keep it, it's got to go into evidence"

In a short period of time Deputy Kyle has formed a lasting bond with his partner Shannon Green and the sheriff. It's one that couldn't come at a better time.

"He has more heart and character than most adults. The love he has for law enforcement really felt good to be acknowledged."

"I can't change the mindset of an adult towards Law enforcement, there's no possibility. But, I can change the mindset of a child that 's never had a bad experience."

But Deputy Kyle is the first to tell you, friendships only go so far, and if his new friends mess up there will be consequences.

"They have to go to jail."