5 cars damaged by fire in Sandy Springs parking deck, 2 men arrested

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Two men were arrested Sunday morning for setting a car on fire in Sandy Springs.

Sandy Springs police say officers were dealing with an incident in the 1100 block of Hammond Drive when they heard an explosion nearby.

Seconds later, an eyewitness called 911 and said two men, who were dressed in all black and wearing surgical masks and black gloves, had poured gasoline on a car in a parking deck at 1160 Hammond Drive. The caller also said one male had a red gas can and one had a backpack.

Officers located both men near the scene and placed them under arrest without further incident.

A total of 5 cars were damaged by the fire.

Sandy Springs Police Department says the men confessed to the crime. They were identified as De'Quavius Holmes and Jayson Similton. They did not reveal why the men started the fire.