4-year-old sends birthday cake to mother in heaven

4-year-old Bella wanted to do something special for her mom's 30th birthday. 

Bella loves cakes and her grandma is a baker, so a cake was the perfect gift for Bella's mother, Jessica.

But, Jessica passed away two years ago due to a pulmonary embolism. Bella's grandmother, Laura Fisher, said it was "completely unexpected."

Bella decided that she still wanted her mother to have the cake to celebrate, so she mailed it to her mother in heaven.

After Bella and her grandmother baked and decorated the cake, the two of them went to the Edgewater Post Office. The postal workers there were very happy to help with this special delivery. 

Grandma Fisher said that the workers "opened up another line for her and said that this line was for people shipping to heaven only. They put a stamp on it, they guaranteed her that the cake would arrive before Mommy's birthday."

Grandma Fisher went on to say that Bella can sleep better knowing her Mommy can celebrate her birthday in heaven.

"When we came out, you could just see the burden lifted off of Bella. She was so happy. She gave me a high-five. She was like Mommy is going to get her birthday cake. She is going to have a party."