3-year-old hailed as hero after mom has seizure

Three-year-old Savannah Lavely isn’t just adorable, she’s a hero. Savannah was on a walk with her mom Jessa and their dog Juno, when Jessa had a seizure.

“Mommy fell. I was scared,” she told Fox 2 Detroit.

As seen on her family’s security camera, Savannah ran home to get help and got her grandparents’ attention. Jessa says that Savannah knew to watch for cars and retraced her steps home instead of taking any dangerous shortcuts. 

Savannah’s father also saw her running home and trying to get into the house over the home security feed while he was at work, alerting him much quicker to what had happened.

“I had to rescue mommy,” she said.

Bystanders who saw what had happened called 911, and even Juno helped too, standing watch over Jessa and protecting her until Savannah’s grandfather arrived.

Jessa is OK now, and Savannah is being hailed as a hero, but all she knows is that she did what she had to: Help her mom.