Gunman opens fire on group of teens on way to house party in Gwinnett County, 3 injured

Three teenagers are recovering after being shot on their way to a house party Thursday night in Gwinnett County.

During a press briefing on Friday afternoon, the Gwinnett County Police Department revealed that there were actually two shootings. 

The first shooting took place at a high school house party near Madison Chase Way and Simonton Oak Way in Lawrenceville where attendees were likely celebrating the last day of school. During that shooting, three teenagers – ages 16, 17 and 17 – were struck and received non-life-threatening injuries.

Shortly after, there was another shooting on Grovehurst Walk off Simonton Road. Police say they believe four people were the targets during that shooting. No one was struck despite nine rounds being fired. 

According to the Gwinnett Police Department, approximately 200 to 300 juveniles were attending the house party. 

A neighbor said he noticed teenagers parking in his neighborhood and walking across the street to the party. Police say the teens broke into a house that was for sale and threw to throw the party.

Minutes later celebrations turned to violence.

"We heard gun shots. We came outside to see what was going on and there were teens and students jumping the fence across the street," the neighbor told FOX 5.

 While police were processing the first scene, that same neighbor heard more gunfire in the distance.

"There was broken glass in the road. Probably like 20, 25 minutes after that, they went to a neighborhood down the street and did it again," they said.

It is not known who shot the teenagers. The shooter is described as a 6-foot-tall Black male weighing about 200 pounds. He was wearing a red hoodie and had dreadlocks, according to witnesses.

"It appears the shooter was shooting indiscriminately. We are very fortunate this did not turn into a homicide investigation," Sgt. Michele Phiera with Gwinnett County police revealed.

 All three teens are expected to be okay. One teen was shot in the back and underwent surgery.

Anyone who has information about the shooting is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers.