3 Killed in North Ga. Plane Crash

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Three people and a dog are dead after a plane crashed according to the Habersham County Coroner.

Baldwin City Police said the single-engine plane that went down around midnight. The plane crashed in a wooded area right in the middle of a mobile home park near the Habesham County Airport. Police and witnesses said it's a miracle the pilot avoided the homes, possibly preventing more fatalities.

Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board said it will be at least five days before they have a preliminary report on the crash.

"We are going to be looking at the pilot's certificate to see if he was qualified to fly this plane, the weather conditions, and the maintenance of the aircraft.” said Eric Elleyne, Air Safety Investigator with the NTSB. “Right now, we can't say what caused this crash, but we retrieved all the wreckage from the aircraft from a small, 10 by 10 foot area of the woods."

Officials said the plane took off from Fort Pierce, Florida around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and was flying to Habersham County Airport.

The Habersham County Coroner isn’t expected to release the names of those aboard until Friday.