3 Georgia women are headed to the World Cup

The girl soccer craze in America got off the ground when the 1999 women's team won the World Cup. The nail-biting win in 100-degree, California temperatures created one of the most iconic pictures in sports history. Brandi Chastain made the winning goal, dropped to her knees and tossed her jersey over her head.

Twenty years later soccer moms are dropping off girls in cleats, balls at their feet, to fields daily in metro Atlanta. And every one of them knows that this summer three Georgia women will be on that coveted roster.

I'm headed to France this summer, too, with my soccer-loving daughter, some of her teammates and their moms to watch the US women's team defend their world champ title.

It's a special trip. And, guess what? We didn't spend quite as much as you think. And just in case you might want to head to France, I can show you how you can see Paris and some world-class soccer.

Start with the FIFA website. There you'll see the Cup runs from June 7 through July 7 and the games take place in nine French cities from Paris to Nice.

A quick primer: There are six groups. The USA is in Group F.  Their big game in the group with Sweden is sold out, but you can catch their first game June 11 with Thailand or June 16 with Chile. You can still get tickets as low as nearly $12 to about $39.

If you can only visit one city, you can search for all games in that city. Plenty of other countries also play amazing soccer. You'll get your money's worth. You can get tickets at reasonable prices for the Round of 16 and the quarterfinals. But those final matches are sold out.

It's getting there that will cost ya. A Delta flight for a summer trip with layovers is more than $1,500. But, you can go cheaper by trying other airlines, like Turkish Air.  If you bought today you could cut that round-trip by $1,000.

A trip to Europe might be your reason for going. But the local girls already playing competitive soccer at Inter Atlanta FC Blues' club, they want to see some local stars who've made the 23-member roster.

Congratulations to Peachtree City's Kelley O'Hara, Marietta's Emily Sonnett and from St. Simon's Morgan Brian.

Well done ladies! And see ya in France.