3 dead in apparent murder-suicide near Cartersville

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Cartersville Police confirm to FOX 5, a shooting happened in Cartersville Saturday afternoon that left three people dead.

The shooting took place near Rudy York Road NW and Mac Johnson Road NW.

Deputies say it was an apparent murder-suicide involving two men and one woman.

Neighbors heard several gunshots and came outside to find three people with gunshot wounds. Tiffany Morgan, who lives nearby, said it was a tragic scene to witness.

"It was not pretty," said Morgan.

Morgan said she saw two cars facing each other stopped in the road. One of those cars was riddled with bullet holes. When Morgan walked up to one of the cars, she reported seeing a man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The second car also had one man in it – dead from gunshot wounds.

"It looked like they were trying to get away from him, and came to a dead end street, and then backed up and were face to face," said Morgan. "The windshield of the car that tried to get away was shot up. There were multiple shots," Morgan said.

When Morgan got to that second car, she saw a young woman nearby it who was still alive. She had gunshot wounds and was calling for help. Paramedics did not make it in time to save her.

"I'm not used to people having a shootout and killing," said Morgan. "Three people are dead today, and why? Why? Was it jealousy? It's terrible," Morgan said.

Police have not released the identities of the people involved. Authorities are not sure if or how the shooter and victims knew each other.