2 men caught with drugs, stolen guns, and dogs at Atlanta home, police say

Two men are in custody after police say they were caught with drugs, guns, and caged dogs at a home in southwest Atlanta.

Officials say on Tuesday, investigators with the A.P.E.X. and Narcotics Unit executed a search at a home on the 4000 block of Bakers Ferry Rd SW as part of an ongoing investigation into illegal narcotics.

At the home, officers spotted Marquise Willis and Antonio Slaton. Officials say Willis tried to escape through the front door, but he and Slaton were both detained on the scene.

While searching the house, officers say they found over 11 pounds of marijuana, 24.9 grams of cocaine, 20.7 grams of MDMA, 34 grams of Oxycodone pills, and 11 pint bottles of promethazine. Investigators also discovered eight guns - two of which were reported stolen - and nearly a thousand dollars in cash.

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Marquise Willis (Atlanta Police Department)

Officers say there were also multiple dogs in cages on the property. Fulton Animal Control has taken possession of the animals, some of which officials say appeared to have been mistreated. 

Both Willis and Slaton are in custody with multiple charges pending. 

Atlanta councilwoman shaken by drug raid close to home 

Atlanta's Public safety chair says she is shocked at the bold steps police say drug dealers took in her neighborhood. 

Andrea Boone says she is pleased that Atlanta police arrested two teens and confiscated drugs and guns and even 10 dogs, many of which were malnourished, less than a quarter mile from her home in Adamsville. 

Public safety chair Andrea Boone says she passed the house on Bakers Ferry Road regularly and never noticed anything unusual. 

She is applauding her neighbors who saw something and said something. 

"Look how well maintained it is. You see draperies, you even see a banner," public safety chair Andrea Boone commented.  

The unassuming house on Bakers Ferry Road does not appear like a place where anything illegal is going on. 

The shrubbery is trimmed, the grass is cut and there is even a graduation banner hanging on the front of the house. 

The council woman said she is just stunned by what police uncovered in the mostly quiet retirement community.  

"We are absolutely shocked that in Adamsville, a retired community, that this could be happening. The dogs, the drugs the guns. It is astonishing. I actually live less than eight houses, in walking distance from this property. I never would have suspected that this is happening here," the District 10 council woman commented. 

"I really want more community involvement like we had here. If you see something, say something, even if it is lots of traffic or just a suspicious feeling," the council woman affirmed.  

FOX 5 talked with the owner of the home who said it was her son who was arrested but declined any further comment.