2 men arrested on drug charges in Carroll County

Two men are facing charges after deputies found heroin and meth in their possession during a traffic stop Wednesday night.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, deputies pulled over a gray sedan after noticing suspicious activity.

Deputies say one of the men appeared to be digging around the vehicle as if attempting to hide something. Deputies say the man initially refused to get out of the car, but changed his mind after one of the deputies displayed their taser. As he was getting out of the car, authorities say a plastic bag fell from the man's lap and into the floorboard. 

During the search of the vehicle, deputies found multiple baggies, drug paraphernalia, and suspected heroin, along with a pill identified as clonazepam.

The two men, identified as Nathaniel Keith and Coby Hesler were arrested. Deputies learned Keith had active warrants through Carrollton Police Department.

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Nathanial Keith (Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

After entering the jail and being asked multiple times if they were concealing any other drugs, Hesler was found during his search to be concealing an additional bag of methamphetamine and heroin.

Both men have been charged with possession with intent of meth, possession with intent of heroin, and possession of a schedule IV substance. Hesler was also charged with possession of meth, possession of heroin and crossing the guard lines.