2 life sentences for man convicted of murdering 2 children during home invasion

A Clayton County judge slapped a gang member with a stiff sentence for killing a teenage boy and his younger sister.

The judge gave Jamon Bynum two life sentences plus 22 years for the 2016 murders of a teen and his younger sister during a home invasion.

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On October 22, 2016, prosecutors said Daveon Coates, 15, and his sister, Tatiyana Coates, 11, were shot to death by Bynum and several gang members as they slept in their beds inside a home on Libby Lane in Clayton County. Investigators said the gang members traveled from DeKalb County to the house in search of Deundre Mitchell, 15, who had allegedly stolen guns from the gang.

Neither of the Coates children had anything to do with the alleged stolen guns, police said.

Prosecutors last year handed down a 54-count indictment charging 11 people, including Bynum and a DeKalb County elementary school teacher, with a variety of charges related to the murders of the Coates children.

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