2 Cobb County police officers pull distressed swimmers from river

Two Cobb County police officers are being hailed as heroes after pulling swimmers in distress from the Chattahoochee River on Sunday.

Officer K. Healy, a patrol officer at Precinct 3, and Officer S. Goddard, an officer in the Rangers Unit, responded to the scene of a swimmer in distress.

Officer Healy arrived and spotted three inner tubes floating in the water. Police said he then saw three females in the water and ran down to the river. Police said a 14-year-old girl, who was not able to swim, fell off her inner tube. Her sisters attempted to help but began to struggle in the water.

Police said Officer Healy threw the trio a rope to pull the teen to safety. Officer Goddard also got to the scene and was able to pull the other two females to the bank.

The police department is crediting their swift actions in saving the trio.