19-year-old who beat brain cancer returns to hospital as part of 100 tow-truck parade for kids

Not everyone can be home for the holidays, including hundreds of kids who have to stay in the hospital. Now programs at the Children's Hospital are making things a bit easier for those families this Christmas.  

"She hasn't eaten in 6 days and has been in excruciating pain and that's been really hard," said Sherry Betcher, whose daughter is in the hospital.

Christmas becomes an afterthought for so many families with sick kids in the hospital. 

"We have been here almost -- it'll be a week tomorrow and we have no idea how long we'll be here," she said.

Her daughter, 9-year-old Allison has pneumonia and meningitis. But Children's Hospital is making sure Allison and hundreds of other kids have reason to celebrate this season. 

"This is the best day of the year here," said Luanne Thomas-Ewald, CEO Children's Hospital of Michigan.

They call it Snowpile - it's a makeshift toy store right inside the hospital for parents can shop for all their children, made possible by donations. 

"When you're in here and your baby's suffering, you're like, I need something to make my baby feel better and you're helpless, and you can't. And then you walk into this room and you're like, this is everything that would make her happy," Betcher said.

When the sun set, the surprises kept coming for these kids. A Melvindale couple organized tow trucks from all over and they put on quite a show out here. One hundred tow trucks from around the state lit up the night sky, while kids inside gathered to watch. 

Joey Bushway Jr. knows exactly what it's like for these kids -- he basically lived at the hospital for six months due to brain cancer.

"They are going through so much, so for them to see it and for them to see that we're all here because of them, I think they kind of get more hope," he said.

The 19-year-old is now in remission. Joey, who is a third generation tower, came back to show his support. 

"You normally don't see 100 tow trucks with all the lights it's really cool," he said.

Some words of encouragement as these kids fight hard.

"If anyone's in there watching this, you guys can do it. I'm proof," Joey said.