15-year-old entrepreneur becomes 2-time victim of thieves

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A man robs a boy taking his leaf blower. It happened last Thursday as 15-year-old Ian Fox, who owns a lawn business, was finishing a yard.

Fox said he saw the man parked along the roadway. He was there for more than fifteen minutes.

Fox said the man walked over toward him and took the blower which was on the ground a few feet away.

And it is not the first time Fox has had a power blower stolen. It happened at the beginning of the summer.

Bryan Fox, the boy’s father, shook his head when he learned about it. The latest piece of equipment cost $500. Fox was concerned the man approached his son but he is not going to tell him not to work anymore.

Ian got help the last time to purchase a replacement. He said he wants to keep his customers and will look at options to replace the new blower.

The father reminded his son and other family members that the equipment is "just stuff".

Since the story first aired on Monday, residents in the neighborhood Fox works have banded together to replace his missing equipment help keep him in business.