11 men arrested in Coweta County gambling bust

A big gambling bust in Coweta County leads to the arrest of 11 men, including a homeowner.

The Coweta County Crime Suppression Unit recently raided the home off Arthur Storey Road. Investigators say they found a card game going on in the basement of homeowner Anthony Johnson, 44. He’s been charged with felony commercial gambling and keeping a gambling place.

In all, 11 men were arrested at the home. Aside from Johnson’s felony charge of commercial gambling, the other 10 men face a misdemeanor charge of gambling. Their ages range from 74 to 28 years old.

Video of the raid shows investigators in the basement of the home and the suspects being detained. The raid was part of a search warrant at the home on Feb. 2.

The sheriff’s office says there was one person charged with drug possession as well.

The Crime Suppression Unit says the investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible.