$10,000 reward to find pregnant teen's killer

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Investigators hope a $10,000 reward will help solve the cold-case murder of 16-year-old Markisha Brown, a pregnant teenager who was found strangled and left in a dumpster. 

A spokesperson for Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta said a $10,000 reward has been offered for more information leading to an arrest. 

The May 31, 1995 murder sent shock waves through the Metro 24 years ago. Markisha's sister speaks exclusively with FOX 5 in the hopes of bringing leads to investigators. 

"It doesn't sit right in my spirit to know my sister was taken in the way she was taken," her sister said, asking to remain nameless for her safety.

"It has haunted me, because I don't know who murdered her," she said.

Brown was known as a fashionable teenager who loved having fun, putting on fashion shows, and was a popular student at Columbia High School where she participated in track.      

Her sister said on May 31, 1995, Brown was supposed to be at Colombia High School that morning, and somehow left her home. Her sister fears she was taken, because Brown left her curling iron on; that is something the glamour girl would not normally do.  

Later that morning, someone called police to report a body found in a dumpster off Donald Lee Hollowell and I-285 at the Texaco gas station. Brown's body was found-face down inside. 

Investigators looked at Brown's stepfather as a suspect at first, but that lead never panned out. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta at (404) 577-TIPS. The $10,000 reward will be given to those who provide information leading to an arrest.