10-month-old Doberman Pinscher Mix found abandoned outside Atlanta Humane Society

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A 10-month-old female Doberman Pinscher Mix was found abandoned outside of the Atlanta Humane Society’s Howell Mill Campus early Friday morning. 

The Doberman was found in a soiled crate with a startlingly white healing injury circling her muzzle.

The Doberman, now named Beauty, was found in the dark in a crate outside of the Admissions building by Anwar Bradley, a driver for the Surgical Utility Vehicle  team at Atlanta Humane Society.  Bradley said he heard barking when he was in the parking lot and saw a plastic crate placed outside of the door.  He had arrived at AHS early to help with the Atlanta Humane Society Public Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Bradley asked the people waiting in the parking lot if this dog belonged to any of them, and a woman told him that the dog was in the crate before she arrived at 6:00am.  Bradley then moved the dog inside the building to have the dog examined.  When the Admissions staff opened the crate, they found that the dog had been left overnight as she had soiled the inside of the crate.  The staff also found an empty bowl. 

After she was bathed, Beauty was examined by two AHS staff members, and she seemed to be in good condition.  Despite the obvious healing muzzle scar, Beauty appears to be a happy, friendly young dog.

Atlanta Humane Society notified Fulton County Animal Services this morning, and AHS will keep her on-site during the mandatory 72-hour stray hold.

Please continue to look for updates regarding Beauty and potential adoption availability at www.atlantahumane.org and “Like” AHS on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AtlantaHumane.