Zipcar expanding in Atlanta, giving commuters more choices

ATLANTA, Ga.---There are more and more options when it comes to getting around Atlanta without owning a car. More people are cycling through the city and Uber continues to grow in popularity.

Zipcar is also gaining ground and expanding to new locations. The car-sharing service came onto the scene in 2008, and ever since it's been growing. There are 185 Zipcars parked around Atlanta and just like a library book, you can check one out whenever you need one.

If you keep an eye out, you'll spot the green Zipcar bubbles all over the city of Atlanta.

"We recently expanded into East Point, Buckhead, Inman Park, Fourth Ward, and we're also expanding into Perimeter," explains Tedera Lipsey, Marketing Manager for Zipcar Atlanta.

Zipcar can be a good alternative, if you live and work inside the perimeter. "If you only use a car once or twice a week, you can utilize a Zipcar, instead of having to own a car that's sitting in your parking garage for most of the week," adds Lipsey.

With more than 100 locations and many of them stationed close to MARTA, it's also great for drivers looking to get out of Atlanta stop and go traffic and try transit. 

"When you reserve a Zipcar, use a Zipcar that takes 15 cars off the road and especially here in Atlanta, that's very important where we have such an issue with congestion and traffic," Lipsey states.

It's pretty simple concept to use too, once you're approved, you'll get a Zipcard, then you can just reserve a car on the mobile app or website. "Once you have a reservation, you walk up to the car with your Zipcard. You scan in, and the door will open. The keys are either tethered to the steering wheel, or in the console area and you just drive off. Very easy and convenient," she adds.

Gas, insurance and maintenance are all covered, so you'll just pay for the hourly rate, unlike most rental car companies. "You only pay for the time that you use the car, so if you only need it for two hours, you pay for two hours, and our rates start at $7.25 an hour," Lipsey says.

It's just another tool for Atlanta commuters, fighting that rough rush hour. "It gives you a great alternative to car ownership when you have a lot of options in the Atlanta market," she adds.

Zipcar has also seen success on college campuses around Atlanta. They're currently on campus at Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Morehouse, Spellman, Agnes Scott and even have a few cars up at Kennesaw State University.