Wounded warriors tee it up at PGA Tour Championship

Just feet away from some of the biggest names in golf at the PGA Tour Championship at East Lake, are two players teeing off for a different reason.

Wounded warriors, John Goudie and Sam Rosales, both have received purple hearts, but now both are receiving brand-new golf clubs from Callaway, specially fitted to work with their swings and their injuries. 

"It's great to do something for them to pay back them for their time and their efforts and their sacrifices, you can't do enough for them," said Dave Ayers with Callaway Golf Pro.

Goudie described the injuries he suffered came at a great cost, "lost of my left leg,  and then lost of right shoulder, right humerus and some tissues damage".  

Meanwhile, Rosales said, "When I was in Iraq in 2003, I was injured, I was hit with a grenadine during a house to house clearing". 

But for both veterans, getting to play with the pros was just the first part of the fun.

The time on golf course has been an incredible outlet to help the veterans cope with leaving military life.