The Rook & Pawn Board Game Cafe

It's a place where the only thing hotter than the coffee is the competition -- and the only things colder than the beer are the stares across the table.

The Rook & Pawn Board Game Cafe in Athens is the unique idea of Tim and Carrie Kelly, who had the idea of opening a place where people could eat, drink, and play a round of their favorite board game.  After raising money and generated buzz for the idea through a Kickstarter campaign, the couple opened the cafe in June of 2015, converting an old Athens recording studio into a Sherlock Holmes-inspired coffee shop filled with 700 board games. Those games include everything from the classics ("Clue" and "Monopoly"), new favorites ("The Settlers of Catan"), and novelties (a round of "Saved By The Bell," anyway?).  Along with coffee, The Rook & Pawn serves eight beers on draught and a menu of sandwiches and baked goods.

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken -- possibly the biggest "Clue" fanatic in the world -- spent the morning at The Rook & Pawn, getting an inside look at this popular Athens hangout.