The reigning queen of Gospel, Pastor Shirley Caesar visits Good Day Atlanta

Just days before the shooting massacre in Orlando, Florida, gospel singer Shirley Caesar spoke to Fox 5 Atlanta about the songs she writes to help people deal with tragedy. Caesar's latest c.d. "Fill This House," includes a tribute to the 9 victims of the deadly shooting at Mother Emanual AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina in June 2015.
"I did that song people I wanted to remind people that hate destroys the hater. Nine people died that night because of hate and I want it to stop. I recorded that song to remind people that they're gonna go through somethings, but that God will see you through it," Caesar told Good Day Atlanta's Portia Bruner.
Caesar, known to many as the "Queen of Gospe," spoke candidly about her thoughts on contemporary versus traditional gospel music and how that genre of music has changed over years. "I admit I didn't like it at first I didn't like (the changes), but now I am glad it's still moving," said Caesar about her sixty years of recording music.

Caesar has recorded more than 40 albums, won 11 Emmy Awards and still pastors a church in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. She's proud of the longevity of her career  and said she will continue to blend traditional styles with contemporary flare to ensure her music remains  popular with all gospel fans. Click hear to watch the entire interview.