Summer Hair Care: Managing those curls

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It's a daily battle for women in the south during the hot summer months.   And one that heat and humidity usually win. 

A lot of women often find themselves aggravated over their summer hair care routine. Whether it's managing natural curls or straightening curly tresses, local hair expert Debra Shigley has several suggestions for managing natural curls and textured hair in the scorching heat of summer. Shigley told Good Day Atlanta's Portia Bruner it's important to keep hair well-conditioned.

"If you're blow drying your hair straight, make sure to get the hair 100% dry. Any dampness can lead to frizzies in humid weather," Shigley said. "Use a dollop of conditioner on your strands before swimming. This helps shield your hair from chlorine or salt water and cut back on shampoo. You can use conditioner to wash your hair, which gently cleanses without stripping moisture--something that's essential for natural hair."   

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