Should more be done to protect MLB fans?

A recent rash of fan injuries during Major League baseball games has some players and managers calling for improved safety. 

There were two incidents this weekend. During the 8th inning of Friday's Rangers-Tigers game, a fan was hit by a foul ball. The game was delayed for a few minutes while medical staff attended to the fan's injuries.

The fan was eventually taken from the stadium on a stretcher fully conscious, but baseball fans aren't the only ones getting hurt at games. 

Sunday, during the Braves-Cubs game FOX Sports South reporter Jen Hildreth was hit in the shin by a foul ball. Earlier, a foul ball sent a fan to the hospital. 

Cubs manager Joe Maddon implored fans close to the field to stay alert and Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander tweeted "Major League Baseball should make changes before it's too late." 

Do you think more should be done to protect fans?