Peachtree City baseball teen gaining interest after Little League performance

His strength and technique can knock a baseball into the stands at SunTrust Park...and he's only 13 years old. Jayce Blalock first gathered attention at this summer's Little League World Series when he hit a grand slam for his Peachtree City Team.

Then later, at a batting competition at the Braves home stadium, Blalock hit a ball into the stands way past the home run wall.

Many, including his parents and coaches, say Blalock has God-given natural talent. But they're  also quick to tell you he earns his success.

"The kid works Hard." Says Blalock's father, Previn Blalock. His mother, Stephanie, echos the sentiment saying, "He does a lot of conditioning, working out and a lot of batting practice."

FOX 5's Ron Gant caught up with Blalock recently on his high school field at Trinity Christian School in Sharpsburg, Georgia. In the batting practice, which went for an hour on a hot morning, Blalock demonstrated his strength but also his detailed awareness of mechanics.

His coach at Trinity, Blake Austin, says that is unique for someone so young.

Looking ahead, Blalock tells Gant that he would like to play major League someday, but looks forward to college first. His father says he would love to see him play pro. But for now, he's happy to have a son who's focused and level-headed even with all of his success. 

Previn Blalock says, "The coolest part about it is how he's handling it. He's not bragging about it. He's being very humble...that's the coolest part."