Oscar-nominated director John Singleton talks with Good Day

It was the trial everybody was talking about, and now it's the television show everybody's watching.  American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is an FX miniseries telling the story behind "the trial of the century" -- and one of Hollywood's top directors lends his talents to the project.

Director John Singleton is the Oscar-nominated writer/director behind the hit films Boyz N The Hood, Poetic Justice, and Higher Learning.  The director asked show creator Ryan Murphy to be part of American Crime Story, and directed the recent episode "The Race Card."  Singleton says he wanted to be part of the project because he considers himself a "Los Angeles" director, and felt the story was an important part of the city's history.

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken sat down for a revealing talk with Singleton about the O.J. Simpson trial, and his thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding the Academy Awards.