Move it Monday: Peachtree City's Georgia Parkour Academy

It’s Move It Monday, and this week Good Day Atlanta is visiting a gym founded by a local guy who’s got plenty of experience moving – especially when it involves jumping, rolling, and flipping.

Ryan Saegert is a Starr’s Mill High School graduate, 5-time National UCA Cheerleading Champ, and has appeared on the hit television show “American Ninja Warrior.”  Three years ago, he created the Georgia Parkour Academy and Georgia Cheerleading Academy in Peachtree City, where he and his team train people of all abilities in parkour, tumbling, and cheerleading.  Parkour is especially popular right now, thanks to “Ninja Warrior” and exposure on YouTube – and in case you don’t know, it’s a stylized way of moving between two points using the most direct method, often including flips and vaults over obstacles.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning with Saegert and the team, tumbling his way through another Move It Monday.