Move It Monday: Inferno Fitness

Joannes Williams was tipping the scale at nearly 300 pounds in her twenties. After enlisting in the Army and enduring 7 months of intense bootcamp she lost 170 pounds. And that was her inspiration for "Inferno Fitness."

Twelve years later, "GI Joe", as she is affectionately called, brings that same military-style approach to her fitness weight loss program. It is a non-stop hour of intense cardio and anaerobic exercises.

Williams says you don't even have time to fix your hair. She says the difference between this boot camp and others is it's all about empowerment -- you're not allowed to get down on yourself or lose confidence.

There's always someone there to pick you up if you slack off.

In the 4 months since Inferno Fitness was introduced to Georgia, women are reporting incredible results and they're proudly showing off their "before-and-after pictures to prove it.

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