Metro Atlanta women snag New Year's Eve attire at discount prices

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For many women, the search for the perfect New Year’s Eve dress begins at high end malls or the formal wear section of major department stores. But, have you ever started that search in a thrift store? 

Camille Oliga accepted FOX 5’s invitation to give it a try. Oliga, an Atlanta native, and Carla Crowder agreed to meet us at the Goodwill on Lawrenceville Highway in Decatur.

"I’ve only been a couple of times, but  I would like to try thrift stores more often," said the 20-year-old Howard University sophomore. Crowder has two young sons and knows how to stretch a dollar."I’m a regular at thrift stores. I love them,” said the DeKalb County real estate agent and appraiser.

Summer Dunham and Rebecca Winn of Goodwill pulled a few items for Carla and Camille ahead of time and while FOX 5’s Portia Bruner escorted the two women to the formal dress aisle at Goodwill hoping to narrow the search. Camille likes sparkles. Carla prefers a sassier style.

"I’m kind of fun and lively so I like a little shimmy, shimmy," said Crowder.

An hour after their New Year thrifty shopping spree began, Carla checked out of Goodwill with a sassy $7 black dress and a $6 pair of exquisite heels to match.

And Camille was all smiles – or should we say all sparkles – over her $6 blouse and $7 dress.

"I can definitely see wearing this stuff for New Year’s Eve and I can definitely see coming back to a thrift store for other clothes. You can’t beat the price," she said.