Mercedes-Benz Stadium is hiring

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How would you like the opportunity to possibly attend the Super Bowl in 2019, or the College Football National Championship game next year?

Of course, tickets to those events are outrageously expensive, so what if you could not only get in for free, but even get paid to be there? Sounds pretty good, huh?  

Mercedes Benz Stadium is hiring, and there are a lot of opportunities.  According to Lisa Chang of Blank Family Businesses, it takes some 4,000 associates to make things run smoothly on any given Falcons game day.

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The majority of the jobs are part-time, but Chang describes the salaries being offered as highly competitive in the market.

They are looking for unique and motivated people for positions such as Guest Service Ambassador, Host, Housekeeping, Security, Food and Beverages Services, Retail Services, Ticketing Services, Leadership, Street Team, Vault Runner, and Audio Visual Team. 

If this is of interest to you or perhaps someone you know there is more information available at