Meat-cutting competition carries high 'steaks'

It’s a little less graceful than figure skating and a lot less bruising than hockey, but a competition happening at Cumming’s The Ice today will be so intense, it might just melt the rink!

More than 25 professional meat-cutters from the Texas Roadhouse family in Georgia and Alabama will take the ice to compete in the first round of the Texas Roadhouse Qualifier Meat Cutting Challenge.  Here’s how it all works: Each cutter gets nearly 30 pounds of beef, and are timed as they slice and dice to create the highest quality cuts. 

The competitor who produces the most high-quality steaks in the least amount of time wins, and two challengers will move on to the semi-finals, which leads to the 2019 National Meat Cutting Challenge in Orlando, Florida.  And the “steaks” for the national challenge are high – the grand prize is $25,000!

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning in Cumming at The Ice, chatting with the competitors as they prepared to “butcher” the competition and show the world what they can do!