Jackson BBQ restaurant remains 'fresh' for 87 years

1929 will be forever remembered as the year of the stock market crash which triggered the Great Depression.  But that was also the year a little establishment began serving barbecue in Jackson, Georgia -- and amazingly, after all these years, Fresh Air Barbecue is still doing the same thing.

Fresh Air Barbecue was created in 1929 by Dr. Joel Watkins, as a small roadside establishment where customers ordered at the window and ate outside.  Butts County native George W. "Toots" Caston bought the restaurant in the mid-1940s and expanded the business, adding his father's Brunswick Stew to the menu and perfecting the famous Fresh Air Barbecue sauce.  Today, Fresh Air Barbecue remains a family business, and Caston's descendants still serve up the barbecue and Brunswick Stew that have made the restaurant and local favorite for eight decades.

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken spent the morning in Jackson, learning a little more about why Fresh Air Barbecue tops many lists of best BBQ in Georgia.