Instant offers for your home: convenience at a price

Want to sell your house? Now you can skip all the hassle, skip the commission, skip all the problems, and get a fair offer in 24 hours and close for cash whenever you choose.

Sounds too good to be true?  Maybe it is. The latest, greatest thing in real estate is the INSTANT OFFER for your home. No fix-up. No painting. No haggling. No showings. And you get an instant offer of a fair price, then just pick a date you want to close.

Real estate expert John Adams says "not so fast." 

1.  The entities making these offers are in business to make PROFIT

  • Nothing wrong with PROFIT
  • But it should belong to YOU
  • You have a RIGHT to KNOW how much you are PAYING

2.  Their data is flawed and their offer will be LOW

  • They rely on public data sources
  • They must build in expenses for everything
  • They can’t afford to make a mistake in YOUR favor

3.  You are paying a full 6% commission in the offer you receive

  • The company or investor must pay all expenses & overhead
  • The company or investor must make a profit to stay in business
  • You are paying for the CONVENIENCE of selling quickly

4.  This makes no economic sense in the current HOT MARKET

  • A NEUTRAL MARKET is defined as 6 months inventory
  • Our current market is HOT AS A FIRECRACKER
  • This is a SELLERS MARKET, often drawing multiple offers


  • When it comes back on the market, price will be top dollar
  • Instant offers designed to obtain fixer-upper homes
  • Most heavily impacts AFFORDABLE HOUSING segment

BOTTOM LINE: The COST OF CONVENIENCE will likely COST YOU MONEY in the long run. Failing to get your home ready to sell will likely cost you much more than the cost of doing what needs to be done, even though you may not think it needs to be done!  

Instead, get your house in tip-top shape and plan on a quick sale.