Hip Hop mogul "Master P" shares his rags to riches story on Good Day Atlanta

It's been nearly twenty years since Master P released the tune that put New Orleans rap and his label, "No Limit Records" on the map.

"Make 'em Say Uhhhhh" became an instant hit, but Master P told Good Day's Portia Bruner he never anticipated the impact the song would have.

"I dind't know it would affect so many generations, but I did know it was good," he said with a smile.

The rapper, born Percy Miller, is proud singer Usher just sampled the hook and the beat for his new song. He said it's important to work with younger artists to remain relevant in the industry.

"You can't be too preachy. You have to hit them with the message later, but always have to be true to yourself when it comes to your style," the artist said.

Master P's latest single pays homage to retired Atlanta Hawks forward Dominique Wilkins.  Master P had a brief stint as a professional basketball player, still known as "The Human Highlight Film" was long overdue for a musical shout out.

"Growing up as a kid, he was my favorite player and a lot of people forget about the players who paved the way. He was Michael Jordan before Michael Jordan," said Miller.

Master P is determined to remain relevant. His reality show "Family Empire" is generating a lot of buzz and his bio-pic, "The Ice-Cream Man," is based on his life and the album that changed the course of his life.

"People get a chance to see the rags to riches story and how I made it out of New Orleans which was the murder capital of the world. Making that record, "The Icecream Man," changed my life. Why make the mistakes we made? I want my kids to be better than me  and hopefully other kids influence by me...I want them to know they can learn from me and do better than me, too. That's what "No Limit Records" is all about.