Gwinnett indoor airsoft arena lets the Nerf darts fly

If you grew up in the 1970s or after, chances are you played around the house with Nerf toys. But if your backyard just wasn't big enough for a proper battle with your friends, we have some good news -- a massive indoor arena in Gwinnett County is making your childhood dreams of a full-on Nerf war come true!

We're talking about SS Airsoft in Sugar Hill, located just a few miles from the Mall of Georgia.  In case you've never been, SS Airsoft features a 24,000-square foot indoor arena designed for CQB (close quarters combat) and used by airsoft enthusiasts as well as professionals in law enforcement and the film industry. But now, the team at SS Airsoft has added Nerf Wars -- designated time during which visitors can do battle with Nerf blasters loaded with darts!

As soon as we heard about Nerf wars – the Good Day feature team immediately booked some time at SS Airsoft to do battle on live TV.  So how did it all turn out?  Click the video player above to find out!  And for information on booking your own Nerf war at SS Airsoft, click over to the facility's website here.