Good Day Atlanta Viewer July 21, 2016

Green Mamba Jet Car Blasts Into Atlanta Motor Speedway: You’ve seen plenty of souped-up cars round the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  But this week’s Thursday Thunder event is set to feature a vehicle that literally blows away the competition.


The Thursday Thunder Legends Racing Series Presented by Papa John’s Pizza continues July 21, with a special appearance by the Green Mamba Jet Car.  The car was created by Doug Rose, who started driving jet-powered vehicles back in the 1960s.  The Green Mamba Jet Car is a car powered by an engine from a Navy fighter jet.  Rose chains a car to the back of the Green Mamba, fires up the jet engine, and then blasts the chained car away with a ball of fire!  It’s hard to explain, but trust us, it’s something you’ve just got to see.


Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spend the morning at Atlanta Motor Speedway, getting an up-close (but not too close) look at this legendary creation. 




ROYCE MANN:  The Preachers show is featuring a local 14 year old that has become instant sensation after he wrote a powerful poem on white privilege that went viral.  Royce Mann a eighth grader at Paideia School in Atlanta joins anchor Karen Graham to share his story.   For more information click here. 

Georgia Restaurant Week is taking place through July 24th over 100 restaurants are participating .  Today on Good Day Atlanta we are joined by Chef Scott Serpas from Serpas True Food with a Person Farm Peach Salad.  For more on GA Restaurant Week click here.  For more on information on Serpas click here.