Good Day Atlanta viewer information story July 21, 2017

Speedway Hosts Atlanta Bike Fest and Car Show:  Classic cars? Got ‘em. Custom Vehicles? You bet.  Trucks and motorcycles? Check.  If it’s got a motor and wheels, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at this year’s Atlanta Bike Fest and Car Show.


The Atlanta Bike Fest and Car Show is taking place at Atlanta Motor Speedway on July 22, with gates opening at noon.  The Car Show will feature four categories (Classic 20 Years & Older, Custom, Truck, Overall Best-in-Show) and is free to enter, as long as people register their vehicles by 2 p.m.  Same goes for the Bike Show, which features categories showcasing Best Harley, Sport Bike, Custom, and Best-in-Show.  The event will also feature grudge racing, vendors, and special guests, including drag racer Queen Isis.


Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning at Atlanta Motor Speedway, getting a preview of this engine-revving special event!   






Burgers With Buck:   Sometimes less really is more.  The Classic Double at Torched Hop Brewing Company in Midtown is not over done with ingredients, but it is well done (and we’re not talking about the cook temperature either).  It starts with quality, grass fed, dry aged, Georgia grown ground beef from Stone Mountain Cattle Company.  From there, the ingredients are really quite simple, ketchup, smoked mayonnaise, a slice of Vermont cheddar cheese, a slice of American cheese and house made bread and butter pickles. 


See what I mean about less being more?


Executive Chef Dan Brown likes to keep it simple because he doesn’t want to cover up the taste of the quality beef.  Don’t fret though, because adding avocado, bacon, etc. is an option if that strikes your fancy. 


And speaking of striking your fancy, if you check the menu, you’ll notice the Classic Double is a $12 burger…a price that is certainly in the expected range of burgers of this quality.  However, in the words of the legendary pitchman Ron Popeil, “But wait, there’s more”.  Six days a week, the Classic Double will indeed cost you $12, but then there’s #BurgerMonday.  Every Monday, the Classic Double served with fries, and a house beer of your choice for, wait for it…wait for it…




If you’re a long time Atlantan, you’ll likely remember the Old Spaghetti Warehouse on Ponce.  It was a very large restaurant with an actual train car inside.  Well, the OSW is no longer there, and neither is that train car, but Torched Hop has taken advantage of not only the location, but the square footage as well.  Their brewing operation is out front for everyone to see, and they also have indoor shuffle board, bocce ball, board games, TV game systems, etc, and perhaps the biggest perk of all…FREE PARKING.


For more information on Torched Hop Brewing Company including the menu and hours of operation, and more, go to their website


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