Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information: September 25, 2015

BurgersWithBuck with Kirby G's in McDonough:  It was just a matter of time.  Or perhaps it's more accurate to say, it's about time.

When soliciting "Burger Joint" recommendations via social media, the name Kirby G's has been proposed to the staff at #BurgersWithBuck more than any other establishment.  Take a trip down to McDonough, and you'll know why.

The restaurant is a fun, 50's themed diner, named after co-owner Neil Daniell's father-in-law, Dr. R. Kirby Godsey.  Dr. Godsey came from humble beginnings, working as a soda jerk in the 1950's to ultimately serving 27 years as President and CEO of Mercer University in Macon.

The burger names on the menu are creative, among them The Mick, the Duke, and the James Dean Giant, but there are literally more than 100 other possible burger combinations that aren't on the menu.  Many of these are the result of Taste Test Tuesday, where the staff is tasked with creating a brand new burger every Tuesday.

In fact on the day #BurgersWithBuck paid them a visit, we sampled the Idgies Fried Green Tomatoes Burger and the Rickles Wickles Pepper Jelly Burger (neither of which are on the menu).

Kirby G's has twice been named the best burger in Atlanta, and twice competed in the World Food Championships.  In October, the Atlanta Burger Wars will take place in their backyard at Heritage Park in McDonough.  This is a local qualifier for the 2015 World Food Championships which will take place in Kissimmee, FL in November.  (Kirby G's has already qualified for the 2015 WFC).

For more information on Kirby G's, go to their website  And for more information on the Atlanta Burger Wars, go to

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