Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information: September 2, 2015

Dish Nation: Time to "dish," with reality star and Dish Nation host Porsha Williams.  For more information on Dish Nation click here.  To connect with Porsha Williams click here.

Roswell Business Celebrates 20 Years Of Whirl-ing Action:  They've always called themselves "the hottest party in town."  Now, the folks at Whirlyball Atlanta are putting their money where their mouths are.  Or, make that...their hot peppers where their mouths are!

Whirlyball Atlanta has serviced Roswell and surrounding counties for two decades now, offering patrons a chance to play a sports that combines basketball, hockey, jai alai, and bumper cars!  To celebrate the anniversary, the Whirlyball Atlanta gang has decided to host a fundraiser for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.  Get this -- for every $100 raised, the guys will add a Carolina Reaper pepper to a bloody mary that they have to drink.  The Carolina Reaper, by the way, has been rated the world's hottest chili pepper!

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken is no stranger to Whirlyball Atlanta -- but he had to go back and see if the gang is serious about this latest move!


Casting Call: The latest on "extra," work in a movie or TV show filming in Atlanta with actor/radio personality Greg Clarkson and anchor Buck Lanford.   For more information click here.