Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information: October 2, 2015

Burgers With Buck: The Double Burger Stack at The General Muir has been recognized as one of the 21 essential hamburgers of America by  It's not hard to figure out why.

While it looks like a lot of other burgers on the market, it only takes one bite to realize that there is something special.  The meat, which is a special chuck roll, brisket, and short rib blend, is ground in house.  And according to co-owner and Chef Todd Ginsberg, "what separates us from thick pattie burgers is the two patties double stacked so when we press it, we get a lot more caramelization than you get from just one pattie."  That also allows it to cook quicker, which means it is on your table quicker.  Add shaved onion, pickles, lettuce, Russian dressing, and American cheese and what you get melts in your mouth.

Make no mistake, The General Muir is not a burger joint, but they do burgers as well as anyone and better than  most.  It is described as a modern American restaurant inspired by classic New York Jewish deli, returning it to its hand-crafted roots.  The lunch version is described above, the dinner version includes gruyere, caramelized onions, crispy pastrami, Russian dressing, and pickles.

Along with Ginsberg and Shelley Sweet, The General Muir is co-owned by husband and wife Jennifer and Ben Johnson who opened West Egg Café on Atlanta's Westside in 2004. 

For more information about The General Muir, go to their website

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