Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information October 19, 2015

Getting In The Halloween "Spirit" With Top Costumes, Decor- STORY:It's no trick -- Halloween is less than two weeks away.  But there are still plenty of treats at one of the season's top places for costumes and décor.
 Spirit Halloween was founded back in 1983, and since then has become a major seasonal retailer, with more than one-thousand locations across the U.S. and Canada and online sales.  There are several locations throughout Metro Atlanta -- to find one, click here.  This year, Spirit stories are selling plenty of superhero costumes, including Batman, Captain America, and Wonder Woman.  And the decorations just keep getting more sophisticated each year, with haunted-house worthy animatronics and lights.
Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken is a Spirit veteran -- and decided to spend the morning there sharing some of this year's top sellers.     

Pet of the day from the Humane Society of Cobb County.  For more information,  click here.

Jail Yoga:  DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann thinks yoga might help keep convicted criminals from returning to jail after release. When he took the reigns as Sheriff in 2014, staff told him they were seeing too many individuals return to jail after completing their sentences. In April 2015, Mann and his staff launched the Options for Living and Learning Program. Mann hopes the series of classes will affect changes in patterns of inmate thought and behavior through exposure to positive, constructive options. Ron Gant has the story right here. 

Avalon Announce 2015 Restaurant Week: Eleven Avalon restaurants to participate in the inaugural event for more information, click here.