Good Day Atlanta viewer information January 6, 2020

Creating a colorful 2020 at Atlanta painting studio:   If being a little more creative is one your list of New Year’s resolutions, painting could be the outlet you’re looking for.  But if the idea of a blank canvas it just a little too intimidating, a studio in Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood might just give you the courage (sometimes the liquid kind!) to get started.

We spent the morning at Painting with a Twist, a studio which offers informal group classes and step-by-step instructions toward creating a masterpiece.  Started by a pair of friends in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Painting with a Twist has grown into a hugely successful chain with nearly 300 studios located in more than 40 states.  There are several franchised studios here in Metro Atlanta, including in the Edgewood Retail District of Atlanta. 

Chances are you’ve either already been to a painting studio like this or seen posts about one on social media.  But if not, here’s how it works — the studio hosts "painting parties" in which groups are given all the supplies and instructions needed to create a colorful canvas.  What kind of parties?  We’re talking date nights, bachelorette parties, family days, and basically any other reason people would want to get together to do something fun.  Open classes are also scheduled for individuals or small groups.   

Oh, and what about that liquid courage?  Painters are encouraged to bring their own bottles of wine or favorite beverages to sip on while they work!   

For more information on locations, schedules, and pricing, you can visit the Painting with a Twist website here.  And if you’re ready to be wowed by the creativity of the Good Day feature team, click on the video player in this article to watch our live segments from Painting with a Twist’s Edgewood studio!



New Year New You workout tips from Gymnetics Fitness:  A new year often brings a new commitment to become healthy.  If that describes your 2020 goals, the mother-daughter duo behind Gymnetics Fitness stop by Good Day Atlanta with tips for a at home workout.   Ellen and Lana Ector join Joanne Feldman with a demonstration on how to take your workout to the next level.  For more information click here.

2020 Healthy Changes with Dr. Darria:  2020 is an opportunity for a fresh start.  If you've been telling yourself you should eat healthier and exercise more, this is for you.  Dr. Darria Gillespie stops by with healthy changes that can stick.  See Dr. Darria's tips below.  For more information on her Sugar Fix masterclass ot her book Mom Hacks click here.  

Simple and healthy changes you can make for 2020 that can stick from Dr. Darria Gillespie:

Cut sugar

Start meal-planning

Time-restricted eating

Start a tiny exercise habit

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