Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information December 8, 2015

Georgia's "Marble Mansion" Open For Christmas Tours: It's one the most beautiful and unique homes in North Georgia -- called "the Pink Palace" in the National Register of Historic Places.  And right now, visitors can see the Tate House all decked out in red and green for Christmas.

The Tate House is a 19,000 square foot mansion located about 45 minutes north of Atlanta.  The property for the house was bought in 1834 by Samuel Tate, and construction began in 1921.  The mansion was designed by the International Architectural Firm of Walker and Weeks, Cleveland, Ohio, and the rare Etowah Pink Marble used to build the house came from the quarry just behind the home.  Today, the home is owned by Holbrook Properties, LP, and serves as a popular outdoor wedding venue.  The home is also open for tours, and right now is offering special Christmas tours.  

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken recently stopped by for a look inside Georgia's unique marble mansion.

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