Georgia Film Academy welcomes high school students

The Georgia Film Academy trains thousands of filmmakers right across the street from the biggest movie studio in our state, Now, there is a new program reaching out to high schoolers to teach them how fun filmmaking can be.

"What I'm really excited about is how enthusiastic these students are about embracing the great entertainment industry here in Georgia," said Jeffrey Stepakoff, Executive Director for the Georgia Film Academy.

Nearly 80 students were specially selected from around 40 high schools across the state by a group called "21st Century Leaders" to learn more about the academy and jobs in the film industry.

"So we're really helping them identify what their passion is and then help them think about a career or industry they may not have thought about before," said Kate Hewitt, Executive Director of 21st Century Leaders.

The students heard from a panel of industry leaders and then toured Pinewood Studios. The teens say they couldn't be more excited to learn more about what it takes to bring a movie to life.

"I'm really interested in the film industry," said high school junior Kevin Washington Jr. "I like to do the costume design, I'm really interested in fashion," said Washington.

The Georgia Film Academy hopes to attract young talent to stay and work at Pinewood Studios and grow the film industry right here in Georgia.

"The way that the Georgia Film Academy is committed to making this business permanent and a legacy for all Georgians moving forward begins with making sure that we train students in the high schools," said Stepakoff.

"I've never been in a situation like this before like around so many important people, and people who could possibly help me in my future," said Washington.

The Georgia Film Academy also worked with the Department of Education to create two high school classes for students to learn about screenwriting and production.